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Urban Art

Urban Life as a rich resource of art.
http://miskadesigns.wix.com/urbanlife  As an artist I love and understand the Murals and Graffiti associated with urban life and the culture associated with gangs.

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New Beginnings

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A new year is an opportunity to make up for the past’s mistakes, and lord knows that the world of creative arts has many mistakes to make up for. This business  is a creative and fast-changing field, yet overused trends and hypes sometimes stick around much longer than they should.


About Web Design

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Getting in touch with your inner purpose…for any artistic endeavor.
Life shouldn’t be measured by the number of breathes we take…but by the moments that take our breath away. Reach out and acknowledge the artist within, without the outer trappings of tradition and so called trends.The best expression of art is the honesty and the gift within, unwrapped and allowed to develop in honesty and purity in it’s own time. Don’t attempt to be something contrived and befitting the opinion of other so-called experts. I think it’s good to be aware of current trends and be inspired by what other designers are doing but then go forward  with your own free expressions creating your own future and success. Be your own trend setter!

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